Friday, 14 July 2017

Takom M47/G Patton Tracks

Today I've started on the track runs for the model utilising the track jigs supplied with the kit. The first job is to remove the links and runs from the sprues which takes a while as they are attached pretty well. They only need a slight bit of cleanup and a swipe with a skinny sanding stick on the inner faces to remove some ejector pin marks.

The jigs include location marks for the different sections of tracks and I found working from the bottom up ensured everything fitted correctly. The bottom run is left off to help with fitting later. A trial run on the model shows they fit really well and look very nice indeed. the jig really makes a big difference when assembling the tracks as they hold everything in the correct place and being the correct shape they ensure the tracks will fit later on.

During my research I've found that Belgian M47's only had a few modifications specific to Belgian vehicles which makes building one that much easier. I'll be calling them out during the build so you won't miss them. Here's a few pictures for discussion only which I've found on the web.

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