Sunday, 24 September 2017

Type 96 Decals, Detail Painting & Figures

Over the last few days I've started the detail painting such as it is on the model, added the decals and finished off the figures. There is not much more to do with regards to the detail painting, just the periscope faces and some light wear to add and that's it. I like to decals too as they give another splash of colour to the model.

Most of the time was spent painting the figures and here before painting I sprayed them with matt varnish which helped me to actually see all the details under the glossy decals. I did add chin straps to them and some old etched microphones for the helmets. Finished up they look really nice especially with the contrasting uniforms.

Friday, 22 September 2017

Takom M47 Belgian Army Complete

The project is now all finished after adding the model, figure and a few other bits to the base last night. The model depicts a vehicle from the 16th division, 5th regiment of lancers, charlie squadron stationed at Ludenscheid Germany circa 1960's.

I am very pleased with this as the whole project has been great fun. I even enjoyed the research aspect of it as I found lots of interesting pictures and spent a good few hours trawling regimental association web sites which were packed with information. The Takom kit was a joy to build having no etch at all in the box. Also what additions I did make were relatively easy to add but do change the look of the tank. 

Finally a big thank you again to Marc Mercier for his knowledge and advice regarding Belgian vehicle markings and regiments.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Belgian M47 Final Weathering

Today I've been chucking pigments around the bench finishing off the M47. I started with a thinned mix of tamiya buff which was sprayed on the lower hull and then drifted up slightly onto the rest of the model. I then added pigments & pigment fixer and repeated the pigment application. The wheels received the same treatment but the tracks only needed a swipe with pigments then I rubbed off the excess to show the rubber contact faces of the track pads.

Next a mix was made up for oil & grease and this was added to the wheels and hull, this helps to show grease buildup and the effect of dust and mud soaking up that grease. once all done the tracks and wheels were fitted and here they all went on very easily. I then added small amounts of pigment to the upper hull and turret but concentrated my efforts to areas dust would naturally accumulate. I'm very happy with the final look of the model, on the base it looks just right so I can now finish off by fixing the model, figure and a few bits & pieces to this.

JGSDF Type 96 Figure Work

Over the last couple of days I've been concentrating my efforts on the figures and adding the uniforms using meister chronicle decals. Not an easy or quick task but the results do look great. I used Daco strong setting solution on the decals which really helps settle them down into the folds of the figures. For a change and with no photographic evidence I decided to use two different camo patterns, the standard pattern on the tac vests & the winter verdant pattern on the uniforms. I really like the contrast between the two even though quite possibly this would not occur in reality. A start has also been made picking out the details that need painting such as the Velcro strips on the vests.

Monday, 18 September 2017

JGSDF Type 96 Paint Time

The paintwork has now been sprayed onto the model using tamiya XF 73, JGSDF dark green & XF 52, flat earth. I then added XF 21 sky to both colours and sprayed some fading to the model. Using the sky tones down the initial paint and adds nice effects such as paint fade and wear. Later on this will help with the weathering stages. The exhaust got a shot of alclad steel as well. 


Saturday, 16 September 2017

Trumpeter JGSDF Type 96 WAPC Primer

I've just sprayed the primer coat on the model using my favourite Badger Stynylrez primer. This stuff beats the likes of AK or Mig hands down for it's self levelling properties and it's durability and it's easier to spray on too. It's really popped the details on the model as well. 

The figures have also been primed in preparation for some Meister Chronicle decals which I will apply for the uniforms. I managed to get a set depicting the winter type JGSDF uniform recently from Hannants which was very lucky as these decals are really hard to come by. So I'll give the model a couple of days to cure before spraying the camo pattern, meanwhile I'm still searching the stash for the next project!

Pondering Paint

Whilst attempting to finish off the M47 yesterday I again discovered that I was out of tamiya buff & flat earth, my essential weathering colours and the two I use the most, bugger! So to fill the void I conducted an inventory of my supply of paints. Lurking at the back of the draws were a few large bottles of tamiya paint, remember those? I've had them forever but the paint is still good inside even after all these years. It got me thinking how much I dislike the new tiny bottles that tamiya now produce and how quickly I get through them. 

I'm sure someone sneaks into the cave at night and drinks them or perhaps they just evaporate away? It seems that every time I want a certain paint I'm out, piss poor planning I hear you say and you are probably right. Maybe I should buy it by the gallon or at least start buying larger quantities of my go to colours.But I probably won't as I'll forget or something else will grab my attention. So more paint on order which means the M47 should be finished by the end of next week. In the meantime I'm perusing the stash looking for my next victim! 

Friday, 15 September 2017

Figurine Repair

Here's a figurine that I am repairing for my mother in law who smashed it whilst swatting a fly! It's one of her favourites so the wife bought it home to see if I could salvage it. I had a few smashed pieces and lots of bits missing but thought I'd give it a go. So after gluing what pieces I could in place out came the magic sculpt and I made up rough shapes to replace the missing areas. once cured I sanded them to shape. There were hairline fractures on all the legs as well which had to be dealt with. 

That was actually the easy part although I'm no sculptor, matching the paint was very difficult but in the end, I went for a base coat with acrylics and finished off with oils. It's not 100% but close enough to satisfy her I think! Just a light satin varnish to restore the finish of the piece should finish it off nicely.